Party Services

Azzura offers unparalleled and unmatched services both for the individual and corporate client alike. Discretion and confidentiality are at the heart of our private club as every new member is carefully vetted to ensure privacy is maintained at all times.

Our services are Global. Our parties are unique. Our members are individual. Over the years, we have arranged some of the most extraordinary parties and intimate introductions with every conceivable scenario imaginable.

Whether you are looking for that small quiet dinner date with a Hollywood celebrity to escort you at a London or New York restaurant or that lavish and wild burlesque extravaganza with 20 irresistible fashion or Playmate models on board a mega yacht moored out into the Mediterranean ocean for that special VIP client that you want to impress…or simply for yourself to indulge in.

We are just one phone call away to arrange whatever your heart desires!