Established 1977 in The Bahamas, three retired yet visionary friends from both sides of the big pond set up a small and very intimate circle, catering to an elite and wealthy group of people. They shared their mutual interests in creating the ultimate fantasy parties attended by some of the World’s most beautiful models. The ultimate melting pot!

Today, as we celebrate over 40 years, the legacy continues with the same mission and values for those wishing to indulge in the most lavish and divine extraordinary adventures money can’t buy alone.

Packages from £55,000 to over £1m GBP.


Azzura has been synonymous with World class parties since the Seventies.

Our members are unique. The parties are unrivaled. The locations are special.



For those wishing to experience a more subdued and relaxing atmosphere we are delighted to create a bespoke arrangements on board our member’s own yacht or at his or her villa. If our members require to charter a yacht or hire a villa in a particular location we are happy to make these discreet arrangements though one of our confidential concierge partners. We have extensive resources throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and South-East Asia.


We appreciate how busy our members can be at times and Azzura is on hand to arrange smaller parties for shorter periods. Most major cities are covered in our extensive portfolio, including London, New York, Berlin, Munich, Rome and Geneva. As part of our service, we can naturally arrange 5 & 6* hotels on behalf of our members through our concierge partners.


Our Extreme Party Service is not for those suffering from a challenging or fragile disposition. 

These parties are set at particular locations throughout the world and normally operate over several days.

The locations are dangerous – The adrenaline is extreme – The experience is unforgettable.

 Touch the fuse – Light the fire.

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If you are interested in our services or would like to request our E-Brochure, we would kindly ask that as a first step you fill out the form for our personal attention.

Please be aware that we cater for a limited number of both Private and Corporate clients, so that we can continue to guarantee our personal service.

We therefore consider each and every request on its own merit.